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Top 11 Adventurous and Outdoor Activities in Australia

When it comes to adventure, a long list of fun and crazy activities pops up in Google searches. Australia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. While there are many places to wander, you may find great adventure spots as well. From mountain climbing to hiking from kayaking to long Coastline drives, make your every weekend a truly adventurous weekend.

There is every kind of activity that could match different personalities. From the bravest souls to lighthearted souls, everyone can have fun in Australia. Overcome your fear by trying out some amazing new activities. Although some adventures look daring and scary, with proper instructions and guidelines, these are worth trying.

Let’s bring you some adventure spots in Australia that can offer you the utmost pleasure and instant adrenaline rushes to your soul. Be prepared to taste the thunder of some incredible adventure tours.

  • White water rafting: White water rafting is counted among the top water sports in Australia for tourists. Sitting on a boat and enjoying the tides while traveling down the river is an expression of fun and fear at first. However, with a proper licensed guide and rafting company, this activity becomes quite safe, thrilling, and adventurous. An inflatable raft carries 6-7 people at once and gives the pleasure of water and rafting. There are many places in Australia where you can enjoy white water rafting activities like Tully River, Queensland, Franklin River, Tasmania, Barren River, Cairns, etc. Some of these places are year-round rafting spots. Thus, without any further delay, reap the fun of rafting and make an unforgettable experience of your life.
  • Cliff camping: This is something new and a super daring activity. The name itself expresses the sporty adventure in this. You will get the chance to spend the night on a portaledge and enjoy the spectacular views of nature. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The most daring adventure sports in Australia allow you to spend time on some hanging port while gathering the experience of cliff camping. This is not a usual forest or sea camping; you will find yourself hanging on the cliff and spending the night there. If you wish to travel to experience adrenal rushes, travel to New South Wales, Australia. There’s one ideal location called Mt Buffalo for cliff camping. You will find guides guiding you in some details with comprehensive training sessions. All the basic facilities like washrooms, dinner, breakfast, and safety equipment will be there to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Skydiving: Since Australian hiking and sports are wildly famous, there are several skydiving locations here. Though it looks like a scary adventure sport, feel the magic of flying in the air like never before. Similarly, you will find some insightful training tips and guidance from licensed trainers. There are unbelievable mental and physiological benefits that are aligned with skydiving. The adrenal released during skydiving brings immediate and long-lasting effects. For example, it aids you with depression, sleeping, and digestion and enhances general mental health. When you jump from an airplane, it means you are overcoming your fears and pushing yourself to outdo yourself in any situation. From Queensland to Victoria from Western Australia to NSW, find the nearest skydiving location in Australia and ravish the most spectacular skydiving views.
  • Shark diving: Looking for some more dangerous yet soul-shaking adventure? Satiate your thirst by sharing the experience of diving with Sharks underwater. There are many popular places in Australia where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the view of sharks in their natural habitat. The activity takes place underwater, where people are trapped in cages and witness real sharks. Along with this, you will have the opportunity to witness the extensive underwater life of the country. A safety crew will be present there all the time to ensure your safety underwater. Once you experience shark diving, you can have a close-up of fascinating animals and witness graceful movements. If you don’t want to experience cage diving, opt for scuba diving with sharks. Contact adventure sports firms to find more information on shark diving and add this ferocious adventure to your bucket list.
  • Bungee Jumping: Undoubtedly, many people have heard of or even performed bungee jumping. In Australia, in many places like Brisbane, Cairns, or Gold Coast, you can experience the thrill of bungee jumping. An introduction to this adventure is not required. A person with a brave heart will jump from every height whilst his ankles are attached to an elastic rope. When it comes to safety, this adventure is comparatively less risky than others. You will be given safety instructions of course before jumping from the height. There are a few risks associated with bungee jumping if you have some medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and prosthetics. To ensure your well-being, it’s imperative to research thoroughly and consult your doctor about whether you can try it or not.
  • Hang Gliding: People envy birds’ ability to fly. What if we tell you that now you can fulfill your dream of flying freely like a bird? Hang gliding is an amazing adventure sport and is popular as well in Australia. This activity allows you to feel the beauty of the eternal sky, and cherish the sound of the birds while enjoying the scenic landscapes. Some schools in Australia offer training or coaching for hang gliding. If you want to enroll in their programs to learn this sport, you can find the information on the internet. After proper coaching and practical lessons, you can become a certified pilot. Also, you can help the local community to perform this adventure sport safely, especially tourists.
  • Paragliding: Another flying-in-the-air activity is paragliding. You can find many spots throughout Australia to participate in this activity. This is fun and completely safe, as you will be accompanied by a certified paraglider. A parachute will allow you to feel the fun of this enthralling activity. Get the bird-eye views of the Terran of the place, and enjoy the breeze up in the air. Rivers, mountains, and valleys will be below you and you will be flying above all, true like a bird. South launch is counted among the famous sites for offering paragliding experiences. Here, you will have a unique landing, as you might land over the lake. Tell your glider what kind of landing you want. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of 40 minutes and thank us later for this recommendation.
  • Canoeing: When it comes to enjoying water activity, canoeing is the best thing to do in Australia. There’s a blue mountain rain in NSW, Australia, bringing a memorable and exciting canoeing experience to adventurers. Also, you will get to enjoy the site of a world heritage site if you are canoeing here. There are multiple tours ranging from the ability to canoeing skills run here, so you get various choices in choosing the best tour for you.
  • Climbing and Abseiling: If you are looking out for some Sydney adrenaline activities, climbing and abseiling are waiting for you. Be ready to have some exhilarating fun over the edge of a cliff while abseiling on the gorgeous Glenworth valley north of Sydney. You will be handed over some safety-related briefing before you start abseiling. The cliff could be steep and high, but the deeper it is, the more exciting the experience. Book your day for climbing and abseiling and enjoy this adventure with your partner, friends, or alone. Moreover, no previous experience is required to fulfill the exhilarating challenge. Build your confidence and enjoy the adventure in nature.
  • Adventure caving: If you had enough experience with water, air, or land sports activities, how about finding the fun underground? Try exploring things in the depths of the world while calming your adrenaline rush. In this unique kind of adventure, you are expected to walk in the haunted cave or even crawl by holding a torch in your hands. There are a few caves where you can enjoy this haunting adventure: Jenolan caves, Mammoth cave, Capricorn caves, jewel cave, and Carey’s Cave.
  • Mountain biking: Camping on mountains is fun and exhilarating, but biking brings a different kind of exposure and thrill. There are Derby, Daisy hill, and Melrose, which will provide a treat to your inner adventure enthusiast. So, be ready to reap the utmost thrill of this extreme sport in Australia, make sure you wear proper attire, and take all the safety measures while biking in the mountains.

These top adventurous and outdoor activities in Australia mentioned above offer you real-time fun and an unbeatable experience in your life. You can connect with tour operators who can fill you in with details regarding any activity or sport. Learn about the price and some dos and don’ts of the adventure to reap the full fun while keeping safety in your mind.

These activities generally cost pretty good money, so it’s advisable to avail special discounts from adventure tourism companies. Explore adventure activities in Australia with an adventure tourism company and enjoy it without breaking your budget.

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