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Benefits of Charter Flights Compared to Commercial Flights

When it comes to travelling by flight, decision-making is quite challenging and frustrating. Fluctuations in rates, long layovers, no legroom and the constant screaming of an infant, may turn it into a nightmare.

There are two ways to travel by air, either by flying on a commercial airline or a charter flight. Undoubtedly, people do suffer from frustrations during commercial flights. However, the charter flight experience is way more comfortable and can be cheaper than you think.

Looking at the thin line between these two ways, we explain the difference for you below.

Traditional flights or commercial airlines are used by people for travelling to domestic as well as international destinations. People buy flight tickets and travel with hundreds of other passengers.

Conversely, first-class or business class on these flights has its luxurious perks. These might offer some additional advantages over standard commercial flights like zero wait for boarding or skipping the check-in queues.

On the other hand, you can have private travel using charter flights. In this option, you can travel alone or with a group of people of your choice. The chartered plane leaves according to your schedule and shortens the time to reach your destination.

In a nutshell, a businessman uses a charter plane to travel frequently from one destination to another. These planes can be used for both pleasure and business purposes.

Well, the following factors can help you decide which option is more reliable and comfortable. Flying in first/business class or chartering a private plane?

Let’s walk you through the actual difference between charter flights vs commercial flights. Stay connected!


Amongst the fundamental benefits of charter flights, schedule wins by all means. Since people are quite busy and value their time a lot, charter airline services offer customised itineraries. With open-time availability, there are no restrictions to fly out, contrary to flying as per a typical airline’s schedule. There, flying becomes confined to commercial flight timings. Suppose, you have to reach London in case of an emergency, but no flight is available on a particular day. In conclusion, chartered flights come to the rescue.

No Tickets

Confirming the booking for flying in the private jet is just a phone call or text away. There’s no need to check the airline website or try to book the flight tickets as per their given schedule.

Probably, many people need to travel at the very last minute, hence it becomes a hassle with a commercial airline. There’s no need to buy tickets way in advance when you can switch to flying swiftly with a private jet. One of the great benefits of charter flights is flying without a ticket.


When it comes to weighing the benefits between charter flights vs commercial flights, cost plays a key role. Flying with a private jet can cost hefty money between $1,300 to $13,000. It can be the basic fare and totally based on the number of hours.

The cost may increase depending on the following factors:

  • Your arrival destination
  • The basic or luxury requirements according to the flyer preferences.
  • Jet and Crew waiting period (if requires or not)
  • Lastly, the size of the jet (hiring smaller planes will cost you less)

Comparatively, flying with commercial airlines can be a much cheaper option if you travel in economy class. Also, first-class reservations can be made with these flights but these too charge a pretty penny. However, not as much with charter flights fare. Also, domestic and international destinations do play their role when it comes to calculating the cost.

Another factor on which cost relies is the airline itself. Some cost more due to market reputation and amenities available onboard compared to others. Those who can afford to shell out high prices for air travel can pick these airlines’ first-class travel options.

Lastly, travelling first-class means renting and paying for the seats according to the passengers travelling with you. Although a whole charter plane can be rented at once at a single value. So, flying becomes private and fun with fellow flyers.


Charter flight vs commercial flight difference is based on one more aspect which is Landing. If you want your aeroplane to land anywhere, you should be in a private jet airliner rather than a commercial.

Flying with big commercial air flights means a pilot needs a major airport hub due to the runway’s length requirement. Also, during emergencies, a plane usually turns around and goes back to where the journey had started.

If we talk about the benefits of charter flights, the landing would never be an issue. These planes can land at almost any runway while informing the destination with a quick intimation.


Comparing charter flights vs commercial flights, the baggage problem can always be expected with commercials. Unfortunately, airlines do miss travellers’ luggage during the journey. There’s always a fear of losing your precious items during a flight. Moreover, baggage and amenities limitations always frustrate travellers during their travels. Following items like golf clubs, hunting rifles, ski equipment and shooting drones are strictly prohibited by airlines on commercial flights.

On the other hand, chartering a private plane makes your travel more convenient and likeable. Since you can carry as many amenities as required and take full control over your journey. According to the private plane’s dimensions of storage compartments and weighing limits, you are free to travel with large items. Although, just like regular flights’ baggage limits, the private plane does have some limits. It is based on the total weight of travellers and luggage. Basically, the carrying limit varies from aircraft to aircraft. Therefore, convey your concerns regarding the luggage or particular items you plan to carry on your aeroplane.

From safety to convenience, from cost to luxury, everything depends on your choice of travel. If you travel a lot and safety is your concern, then chartering a private plane would definitely match your flying style. However, we advise you to review all of the options related to your travel concern before signing for anything.

For all enquiries, please feel free to contact us on or 09 973 1940. Our professional team is always poised to assist you with all your travel requirements, making your journey from start to finish both smooth and memorable. Get in touch with Mann Travel today and let us turn your dreams about travelling into reality.

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